Centrinews is the intersection of geolocation and news.

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See the news and notices about about where you physically are.

Locationally Relevant to You

No need to wade through irrelevant articles to get the local flavor you seek. The happenings closest to you are always at the top, from news, to Public Service messages, to landmarks.

See news across publications, public departments, and landmarks.

National news or local blogs, you'll know what is happening now no matter the source.


Centrinews is your way to:

Be Hyperlocal

Every publisher is hyperlocal with our service, no excpetions. From USA Today to the smallest blog, if your content is locationally-relevant, it will rise to the top. Every spot on the ground is its own media edition.

Get discovered

Break through all the silos to be seen by readers interested about what you're writing about. Across news, Police Departments, parks, and landmarks, each source will get much more exposure than would be possible on its own.